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Developing Strong Cross Cultural Relationships

Across the globe, people have more in common than is generally acknowledged. The desire for a safe, warm and secure home, strong relationships and the ability to earn a living all top the charts on priorities in most people’s lives. Regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity, strong relationships are the foundation of strong mental and physical health and add richness to everyone’s lives. Are you in a relationship with someone from another culture? Follow these recommendations from the relationship experts to bring out the best in yourself, your partner and your union.

The more we learn about another culture often results in a greater understanding of our own culture. Understanding different languages and customs often develops a greater appreciation and compassion for other cultures. To truly understand another culture, a basic understanding of the language is imperative. Cultural anthropologists maintain that cultures are wholly intertwined with their languages. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a language course from the huge variety offered by Rosetta Stone. Within a few short weeks you’ll gain an appreciation for not only the language you’ve selected, but also for the culture.

The fundamentals of strong and healthy relationship cross all cultural lines. Respect, communication, strong listening skills and empathy are the key components of a healthy relationship. Couple these with compromise, laughter and shared responsibility and the ingredients are there for lasting relationship. These are the relationships qualities that those couples who have been together for decades will all agree are critical. Take the time to get to know your partner by truly listening. Don’t listen in preparation for your response; listen to actually hear what they are saying. Validation and affirmation are both needed for each partner to truly share their thoughts and feelings and remain secure in the knowledge that they are respected and validated.