Romantic Lasting Relationship

Before I go any further, let me add that enjoying a truly romantic lasting relationship is serious business, it doesn’t just happen it takes effort. What I’m about to share with you is simple but very powerful, don’t treat it with levity. Make sure you treat them seriously and take time to reflect on them and find a way to work with them in your relationship.

1. Don’t Hope, Decided.

A lady went to the airport to welcome an old friend whom she hadn’t seen for a long time. While she was waiting, she saw a man arrived and run towards a woman. She was drawn to this scene, especially when the man grabbed the woman, kissed her and exclaimed how much he had missed her. Amazed by this display, she asked the man, ‘Sir, how long have you been married?’ She expected the answer to be one or two months.

Without so much as a sidelong glance at what he obviously considered a distraction, he replied. ‘Eighteen year now.’ Assuming that the man had been away from his family for a while, she pursued the matter, inquiring, ‘How long have you been away?’ To her surprise, he said, ‘Two days.’ Amazed, she remarked, ‘I hope I marry a man like you who will love me as much.’ Hearing this, the man looked at her and said, ‘Don’t hope, decided.’

See, feelings alone don’t make a true romantic lasting relationship. If it does, everybody with a feeling will have one hell of a great relationship, don’t you think? But, is that the case? Of course not! Why? “Because, true love is not just a feeling, but a choice”; the love that will make a relationship really romantic and sustain it forever, is not something you wished for, but rather something you decide upon and work at.

My advice is, stop hoping, stop wishing and make a decision that you are going to have a hell of a romantic relationship like you desire, decide that you will do whatever it takes and you will not stop until you have achieve your desires concerning relationship. Make sure your decision is strong and solid, so it gets through to your entire being; mind, soul, spirit and body.

2. Get Informed.

The very first mistakes people make when it comes to building a romantic relationship that last, is being totally clueless about the do’s and don’ts of building the relationship of their dreams.

It’s important that you updated yourself with new ideas for improving your relationship, source for new ideas, and new ways of improving the romance in your relationship. You’ll need new ideas in many areas in your relationship, most especially romance and sex.

Avoid monotony in your relationship; variety is what will spice up your union. Keep yourself up to date with the latest romantic inventions that will help you improve your romance and sex. Read books, magazines, watch relationship programmes on TV, search the Internet for information, attend seminars, talks and workshops on romance and relationship.

3. Communication is a Catalyst for Romance

Communication is one of the most important ingredients of a truly romantic relationship. Break in communication is solely responsible for the larger case of unfulfilling relationship and most of the divorce cases. A lot of people get it wrong when it comes to communication.

The correct and real communication, the kind that ignites and keeps the romance burning, actually involves lesser words. They are communication that is done with or without words. They are communication in which there is mutual understanding of the information that is being communicated.

Begin right now to improve on your communication with your partner. Learn to sometimes communicate with each other non-verbally; most especially when others are present, when on visit, during shopping, during indoor or outdoor activities, etc. e.g. a quick wink at each other. I can’t stress enough the importance of this key because not getting it right will make every other thing you might get right like child’s play.Let me tell you another fact on communication, just incase you’ve not have heard it before; the only way to know how to communicate effectively with your spouse is to communicate.